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Over the last few years environmental challenges have taken on a new urgency on a local, regional and global level. In particular, issues regarding the protection and sustainable use of environmental resources have become an existential concern. This puts increasing demands on decision-makers, who require a broad knowledge and understanding of the political, legal, economic and technical issues involved. Everybody concerned, whether as representatives of ministries, international organizations, NGOs or the private sector, has to deal with an ever increasing range of environment related questions.

This interdisciplinary MSc Program is a joint program of the TU Wien and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. It is a unique program in its combination of international issues and environmental technology.

The TU Wien and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna have responded with the MSc ETIA, on the initiative of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, by being the first institutions in Europe to meet the demand for a university course for (future) managers within the environmental and international field.

The combination of the professors and experts, discussions with guest speakers from companies and various institutions and the high level of internationality have led to this successful and unique MSc ETIA Program.

A total of 250 students from 44 nations have participated in the program up to now – from all over Europe, Australia, Guatemala, Japan, Canada, Moldavia, Brasil, Mexico, Philippines, Singapure, USA und even Newzealand, China, Russia, Korea and the Emirates.

The ETIA postgraduate MSc Program enables graduates

  • to understand and analyze the relevant scientific and technical issues at the same time as

  • providing them with a sound knowledge of international affairs in order

  • to deal with both current and future challenges concerning the environment and sustainable development.

Another unique feature is the ARA Best Study Award (Euro 20,000) offered on the occasion of the graduation ceremony to those three students with the best academic performance throughout both study years.

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