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What has become of the ARA Best Study Award winner Lisa Butzenlechner?

Excellent academic achievements not only impress on the certificate. ARA AG grants the Best Study Award to those ETIA students with the best academic performance over the two years of study.

One of them is Lisa Butzenlechner, alumni of the postgraduate program MSc Environmental Technology & International Affairs and winner of the ARA Best Study Award 2015: "The ARA Best Study Award was both a motivation and a reward for me. I am honoured and grateful for this distinction and the support of ARA of the ETIA study program.”

Career steps since the graduation

Lisa Butzenlechner graduated in 2015 as winner of the ARA Best Study Award.
During her academic studies she put a strong focus on international environmental and agricultural policies. Having a background in languages and Environmental studies combined with a strong international focus, she pursued the ETIA Master of Science degree to deepen her knowledge in international relations and policy making. During the ETIA program Lisa Butzenlechner worked as an intern at the embassy of Panama in Vienna, as well as a student-co-worker at Institute of Applied Statistics and Computing. Furthermore, working on her Master thesis, she went on a research trip to Mexico.
This regional focus on Latin America brought her to work in the division for the Americas in the Austrian Foreign Ministry after graduating from the ETIA program. Subsequently, she successfully passed the entrance exam to the diplomatic service ('A-Préalable'). Currently she is bridging the gap before entering the Austrian Foreign Ministry, by completing a bluebook traineeship in the European Commission in the cabinet of the Irish commissioner Phil Hogan for agriculture and rural development.

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