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What has become of the ARA Best Study Award winner Aditi Ramola?

Excellent academic achievements not only impress on the certificate.  ARA AG grants the Best Study Award to those ETIA students with the best academic performance over the two years of study.
One of them is Aditi Ramola, alumna of the postgraduate program MSc Environmental Technology & International Affairs and winner of the ARA Best Study Award 2014: “The ARA Best Study Award provides valuable acknowledgement of one’s efforts and accomplishments at the end of two very intense and fruitful years of the ETIA program. The award helps set your CV apart and draws the attention of recruiters to one’s capabilities.”

Career steps since the Graduation

Aditi was attracted to the ETIA program by its truly interdisciplinary nature, as the program emphasizes not only the scientific and technological aspects of environmental issues, but equally the economic, legal and political aspects that must inform environmental policy. For her master’s thesis, Aditi focused on waste management, and more specifically, the exergy analysis of plastic waste management in the city of Vienna.
After graduation Aditi worked as a consultant in the Climate Policy and Networks unit at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. Her continuing interests in sustainable waste and resource management drew Aditi toward her current job at the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) in Vienna. She now works as a Technical Project Manager and helps to further strengthen collaboration with ISWA’s partners and international organizations. She is involved in ISWA's activities in technical cooperation, providing assistance to ISWA’s Working Groups, and in helping develop innovative projects globally to further ISWA's mandate.
Aditi is also passionate about science education and currently leads the ISWA Young Professionals Group (YPG) initiative on Education. In 2016 she helped launch the regional ISWA YPG in India which will serve as a platform for knowledge exchange, networking and developing project ideas to bring sound waste management to the country of over a billion people.

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