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Alumni Voices

Laura Österreicher, MSc
Alumna Class 2014-2016

The ETIA program has provided me with a solid understanding of international relations as well as a sound knowledge of environmental sciences. This allowed me to qualify for a JPO position with Sustainable Energy for All and to start my professional career in sustainable development.
When applying for jobs, the reputation of the TU Wien and the Diplomatic Academy was definitely an advantage for me. However, for me personally, the alumni network was even more valuable. Being able to ask other alumni about their career and work experiences allowed me to gain a better understanding of the different work fields and possibilities and consequently helped me start my career. 

Mag. Martin Schönberg, MA, MSc
Alumnus Class 2013-2015

Thanks to the ETIA programme, I immediately started to work the day right after my graduation. I joined VUM Verfahren Umwelt Management GmbH (thanks to my thesis supervisor) and worked there for about 2 ½ years in the field of environmental and project management. Moreover, the (ETIA and DA) alumni network is really useful. After my move to Brussels, I realized that a high number of contacts can facilitate the move into a new working and living environment. 

Mag. Ira Stanic, MSc
Alumnus Class 2007- 2009

With the postgraduate MSc programme in Environmental Technology and International Affairs I could realize my long-standing aspiration to be active in the environmental sector, even though my background was a completely different one - Translation Studies. The technical orientation, the interdisciplinarity and the international relations part of the programme are truly unique in Europe and even globally. I found it especially important to gain knowledge in the field of environmental technology and learn to speak the "language" of natural scientists. The faculty was aware of the different backgrounds of the students and explained complex topics in an understandable manner. Immediately after the studies I started working as an environmental consultat for VERBUND-Umwelttechnik GmbH, where I could use the full spectrum of my new education.

Emma Rocke, BSc, MSc
Alumnus Class 2007- 2009

I come from a background working for NGO’s. This program has added the political perspective and current technology know how that was missing in my education so that I can better understand how to move forward in the field of environmental sciences. The well organized combination of economics, law and current environmental practices builds a framework for a future career where understanding both disciplines will be crucial.

Celine Stocker, BA, MSc
Alumnus Class 2007- 2009

The course is very well structured, with valuable experience and feedback from professionals who have previously worked in the field. The Diplomatic Academy of Vienna provided indepth knowledge on international issues pertaining to environmental studies, whereas the Vienna University of Technology solidified my understanding with the relevant scientific knowledge. The professors themselves are extremely knowledgeable about their topic, and are more than willing to assist students with any problems and/or queries from students. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to work within the international environmental/sustainable development industry.

Anna Maria Trofaier, MPhys, MSc
Alumnus Class 2008 - 2010

The degree programme in Environmental Technology and International Affairs has enabled me to take my previous schooling further by providing me with a solid understanding of international relations as well as a sound knowledge of environmental sciences. The programme covers a wide spectrum of environmental issues ranging from topics of pollution to climate and energy science, as well as providing insights into environmental policy and legislation.
Furthermore, the flexibility in choosing a thesis topic at a different department within the Vienna University of Technology has allowed me to use my undergraduate training in Physics to a new level. It has facilitated my working in environmental satellite remote sensing – a realm that I have desired to work in from the start of the degree and will be continuing to work in for my PhD studies at the University of Cambridge.

Giulia De Mattia, BA, MSc
Alumnus Class 2008 - 2010

Being a political scientist, I chose to apply for the ETIA program because I am passionate about environmental issues and because I wanted to gain technical knowledge on the matter. To tell the truth, the scientific part was the one that interested me the most. ETIA definitely gave us a good overview on all environmentally related aspects of technology, politics and international law. It has definitely broadened my knowledge and awareness on international and local environmental processes.

Mag. I-Hsien Chen, MSc
Alumnus Class 2009 - 2011

After a 15 years career in international high-tech electronics business I felt it was time for a change and move into the world of environmental technology by starting with a post-graduate program, even better when it was combined with international affairs as it is the political domain that provides the framework for international business. With my economics background, I was happy to find a degree that focuses on international relations and environmental technology with an international faculty, a very diverse student body, and interesting relevant sustainaibility subjects that were anchored at both the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and the Technical University of Vienna.

Mag.(FH) Christoph Zinkel, MSc
Alumnus Class 2009 - 2011

Throughout the ETIA program, the continuous exposure to an ever-changing and challenging environment has allowed me to develop a global mindset and to fully acknowledge the imperative necessity of worldwide cooperation for ensuring the sustainability of our planet. I was particularly impressed by the program’s aim to educate a new generation of decision makers who are determined to achieve humanity’s all-encompassing goal of sustainable development. With this in mind, attending the ETIA program has been a rewarding experience throughout and I can recommend it to anyone interested in a truly interdisciplinary education in environmental technology and international affairs.

Maria-Konstantina Laina, BA, MSc
Alumnus Class 2008 - 2010

With the Post-graduate MSc Programme in Environmental Technology and International Affairs I have been able to work in the field of nuclear energy and technology development, something that would have been impossible if I was solely based on my background in economics. Combined to my previous studies, the comparative advantage that it offered me in the early steps of my career in the Department of Nuclear Energy of the International Atomic Energy Agency is to be able to process environmental and energy related issues from a technical and international perspective. The ETIA Programme provided me with sufficient spherical education for comprehending the holistic nature of issues related to energy, which includes political, legal, economic and technical aspects, that is needed for working in a technical department of an International Organisation. Throughout the ETIA Programme, the students have the chance to obtain a solid basis in a wide variety of topics with common denominator understanding and dealing with the complexity of environmental challenges. I expect the mixture of insight into the workings of the diplomatic world and knowledge in environmental technology as final output of the Programme to be a unique asset, indispensable for a career in the international arena.

Bernice Lee, BA, MSc
Alumnus Class 2007 - 2009

While it might sound overly dramatic to say so, ETIA changed my life.  It allowed me to shift my career direction, to become the head of an environmental NGO in Asia and then to give me sufficient knowledge and experience to launch my own environmental research and education business.  I have also gained a love of Vienna, made lots of great friends and speak another language.

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Josef Niss, MSc
Alumnus Class 2008–2010

For more than one year I am Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Saubermacher, one of Austria's biggest private waste disposal enterprises. I am also responsible for some PR agendas for the Chairman of the advisory board. This position was offered to me because of many professional factors in my CV. Mr. Roth, founder and owner of Saubermacher, was very impressed by the international focus of ETIA. Among these the focus on EU regulations and experience with CEE countries and governments was of great advantage. Most recently Saubermacher was awarded the Austrian State Prize 2012 in the category "Environment & Climate".

DI (FH) Christoph Schlinke, MSc
Alumnus Class 2009-2011

While attending the MSc program “Environmental Technology and International Affairs” I have had the possibility, being a graduate of the diploma program “Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology” (University of Applied Sciences Krems), to get educated in an additional technical discipline – namely environmental technology. Furthermore, I gained extensive knowledge at the Diplomatic Academy by completing its intensive courses offered in the area of economics, European history, international law, political sciences and geopolitics. Thus, the ETIA program offers unique opportunities in many respects. Several scientific problems which students are facing in the course of the ETIA program can only be understood as cross-cutting issues.  Giving some examples, which cannot be solved just from a natural sciences point of view, I want to emphasize the continuing change of our global climate and the ever growing scarcity of natural resources.  What`s needed here are comprehensive approaches, which are addressing these issues on an interdisciplinary base, taking political processes and decision makers into account as well.
Being at the initial stage of my professional career – participating in the trainee program of the Austrian Federation of Industries – I am working in field of Raw Material Supply and Resource Efficiency. Once more I have realized how relevant the study contents of the dual academic ETIA-curriculum are.

Manfred Klinglmair, BA, MSc
Alumnus Class 2007-2009

Coming from a political-science background, the scientific tools and insight from the ETIA programme enabled me to pursue an academic career in environmental technology. The DA does an excellent job of setting the economic and political scene during its first academic year. TU Vienna adds hard science, the one quality that’s all too often sorely missing from public debates about the environment.
Courses are packed and intensive, but taught in a congenial atmosphere with a high teacher-to-student ratio, so you’ll take away a lot from each individual course. I’d say graduates are very well poised to tackle some of our most pressing environmental problems reasonably, originally and effectively.

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