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MSc ETIA welcomes a new Faculty Member

DI Dr. Michael Harasek is the new expert for „Technology for Pollution Control“

Michael Harasek is assistant professor at TU Wien where he received his PhD in chemical engineering. As head of the research area “Thermal Process Engineering and Simulation” he is responsible for two research groups with about 20 PhD students and post-docs at the Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Bioscience Engineering.
For more than twenty years, he has been working on the design of new processes and technologies in the process industries and related fields. A major part of his research work is dedicated to the development of environmentally friendly technologies focusing on innovative separation processes and the integration of renewable energy pathways.

Dr. Harasek states: “I am very enthusiastic to have become part of the ETIA faculty. For me as chemical engineer it is a great experience to teach my field of expertise, to show the relevance and to generate interest in pollution control technologies. Discussing selected topics of pollution control with such an active group of international students having many different study backgrounds is an exciting challenge.”

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
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