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MSc ETIA students visit Vienna´s waste logistics center and biogas plant

On February 28, 2017, the students of the ninth MSc ETIA cohort undertook an excursion to the waste logistics center Pfaffenau and the biogas plant in Vienna-Simmering. Both are located right next to the Pfaffenau waste incineration plant, which the students have already visited at an earlier date.
In the waste logistics center, residual waste and bulky waste are pre-sorted and mechanically treated: they are crushed and sieved, and metals are separated. The remaining waste is then treated thermally in the Pfaffenau waste incineration plant.
The biogas plant in Vienna processes approximately 22,000 tonnes of bio waste each year converting it into 1.7 million cubicmeters of mixed gas with a methane content of 55-70 percent. The subsequent treatment in the biogas processing plant produces more than one million cubic meters of carbon dioxide neutral biomethane with a methane content of 99 percent. This will provide around 900 Viennese households with the natural gas network.

Degree: Master of Science in Environmental Technology and International Affairs” (MSc) granted by Vienna University of Technology
Language of instruction: English
Duration: 4 semesters, full-time
Program start: September 25, 2017
Application deadline: March 15, 2017
Academic directors :Prof. Dr. Hans Puxbaum (TU Wien),
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Loibl (DA Vienna)

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