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ETIA Alumni successfully finished PhD studies

In August 2016, two ETIA Alumni successfully finished their PhD studies:
Andrea Winterstetter, Alumna ETIA04, Class 2010-2012 at TU Wien and Manfred Klinglmair, Alumnus of the very first ETIA01 pioneer cohort at TU Denmark.

He reports on his professional and academic career:
„After having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in China Studies from the University of Vienna, I had initially decided to go for the MAIS study programme at the Diplomatic Academy. Having become aware of the new (at the time) ETIA programme, I decided to change into ETIA (which, fortunately, was possible right at the start of the study year back in 2007 due to similar curricula in the first year). The basic Scientific and technical knowledge taught at TU Vienna in the second year turned out to be feasible for someone with a background in the humanities.

My Master’s thesis dealt with resource flows in society and could be published in two peer-reviewed scientific articles. This topic brought me to the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission in Ispra (Italy), where I worked as a trainee in the field of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), also focussing on depletion of natural resources. I had tasted blood, and decided to apply for a Ph.D. position at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Now I just successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis, titled “Anthropogenic Phosphorus Flows in Denmark: Quantifcation and Critical Analysis”, which – in a nutshell – deals with resource efficiency regarding the use and recovery of phosphorus.”

About the experiences of Mrs. Andrea Winterstetter during her PhD studies at TU Wien we report soon.

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