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Career Spotlight: Jasmin Ploner

Get to know the graduates of the MSc Program „Environmental Technology and International Affairs“.
Today in conversation with: Jasmin Ploner, BA, MSc, Trainee at the Austrian Federation of Industries (Industriellenvereinigung), Alumna Class 2013-2015

Why did you choose for the ETIA master course at TU Wien?
During my BA degree in Political Science I constantly felt the need to focus on a more specific orientation, preferably technical, in order to apply the general knowledge I gained during my bachelors. The disciplines taught at the Diplomatic Academy combined with the more specific technical courses at the TU were exactly what I was looking for.

How was the ETIA master course crucial for your professional development?

The ETIA program opens up a very broad range of employment opportunities not only in the public sector (UN, ministries, NGOs, etc.), but also in large companies and especially also representations of interest. The specific job profile, however, also strongly depends on your previous education (something very technical vs. commercial jobs). Having a background in political science I was very interested in representations of interest in the industrial sector and am now doing the trainee program with the Austrian Federation of Industries (Industriellenvereinigung).  

What advices would you want to give to new prospective students for the ETIA master course - what should they know?
It is very important to have a look into the courses that are taught in the program beforehand. Since the program is very packed and does not leave a lot freedom of choice regarding the courses that are taken it is important to be convinced that this is the right decision for your respective career goal. The courses offer a general overview of a wide range of topics (water, air, waste, energy etc.) and only the master thesis gives you the opportunity to really specialise in one of the areas. The program is perfect for people who have at least some sort of an idea of their further goals because then they can gain the maximum out of this. Furthermore, the DA and the TU offer unique networking possibilities which are super important to get to know people and companies and to hear about employment opportunities. Especially this networking and general social aspect about the program was one of the most important features for me.

In 10 years I will be….?
…looking for the next station in my professional life!

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