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Review of the ETIA Talk on E-Mobility

On April 28, 2016 the third event of the current ETIAtalks panel discussion series addressed the question of the possible shift towards electric mobility and its effects on urban planning issues. The traffic sector accounts for 1/5 of world’s anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, and a shift towards electric mobility could decrease the contributions to the world’s budget of many countries. However, this is heavily dependent on the electricity mix of a certain country. In fact, experts say that with a renewable energy share of 40% and more, it is more beneficial in any case to switch to electric cars. Furthermore, the panel addressed the issue that future urban traffic has to be less dependent on the individual car, as more than 80% of the public sphere are occupied by cars. Do we really want that? In the future, the car might become banned from inner cities, according to the majority of the panel.  

Speakers: Ulla Rasmussen: Traffic Policiy - International Coordination, VCÖ; Catherine Girard: Senior Manager, Environmental Strategy, Renault HQ; Christoph Link: Institute for Traffic, BOKU; Alexios Seibt: Consultant, Diplomatic Academy Vienna; David Calas: Architect, Senior Lecturer TU Vienna

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