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PRESSE scholarship for MSc Programm „Environmental Technology and International Affairs“

Vice Rector Hans Kaiser (TU Vienna), Dircetor Hans Winkler (Diplomatic Academy Vienna), DI Nathalie Wergles, Mag. Christian Ultsch (Die Presse) - copyright: Michaela Bruckberger

For the third time the daily newspaper „Die Presse“ awarded a scholarship for the MSc Program ETIA. It was the first time that a female candidate, Ms. Nathalie Wergles, received it.

On June 15, 2009 Christian Ultsch (editor „Die Presse“), Ambassador Hans Winkler (Director of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna) and Vice-Rector Hans Kaiser (Vienna University of Technology) congratulated the happy beneficary Ms. Wergles.

She had many highly qualified competitors, but finally convinced the jury (Academic Directors of TU Vienna and Diplomatic Academy) by her international experiences (speaks four languages). The 30 year old Austrian, born in Innsbruck, followed internships in Mexico City and France during her studies in landscape architecture and planning at the Universität for Bodenkultur in Vienna. Since 2006 she is working for the Federal Austrian Railways in the field of Natural Hazards and Risk Management.

Miss Wergles is looking forward to the start of the MSc Program at the end of September 2009 which will allow her to deepen her technical and environmental knowledge by knowledge in international affairs – “I am looking for meaningful and challenging assignments with international orientation.”

This MSc Program was installed in 2007 as a unique cooperation. The first year takes place at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, the second year at the TU Vienna. Graduates of technical studies are supposed to get an overview about the political and legal frame of environmental technology, whereas lawyers, economists and graduates from other studies should get acquainted with the technical basics (focus on: air, water and waste as well as energy, climate and sustainable development).

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