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MSc student is the 250,000th visitor of the Hydro Power Plant Freudenau

On Saturday, the 6th of July 2019, as part of their Hydro Power module, the 17 students of the master course Renewable Energy Systems visited the Danube power plant Freudenau. They were met at the Visitor Center, by Herbert Wagner, a tour guide who has been giving tours since the power plant was still a construction site.

First they got an introduction to the functioning of a river power plant, then all the individual power plants on the Danube were presented and finally the project Danube power plant Freudenau was introduced more closely.

After the more theoretical part, explained on the basis of a smaller model, it was time to go into the heart of the power plant and experience the turbine up close. Equipped with safety helmets, the students went from the huge machine hall down to the basement where the turbines are.

Even if one cannot see the turbine itself, only the pipe in which it is situated, it can still be heard and felt when you are standing directly under it. In addition to the usual tour of the power plant, Mr. Wagner also gladly answered the many technical questions of the students.

Impressed with the power plant, the students headed home after the tour to prepare for the coming and final day in the Hydro Power module.

We were subsequently informed that one of the students of the group was the 250,000th official visitor to the power plant. It is impressive how professional and friendly the tour guide team has been guiding interested people through the power plant for 25 years, helping to inform as many people as possible about renewable energy.

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If you want to find out more about the Hydro Power Plant Freudenau, visit their website!


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