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Renewable Energy Talk: Prospects for hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles

On May 24th, 2019 the Continuing Education Center and Energiepark Bruck/Leitha hosted the first Renewable Energy Talk of 2019. The Renewable Energy Talks serve to discuss recent topics and trends in the renewable energy sector with experts in their respective fields. They also are great events for networking and getting to know fellow students and alumni of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems.

The talk was all about the Prospects for hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles as the transport sector is the worst part of the energy system with respect to CO2 emissions and dependance on fossile fuels. One possible solution could be fuel cell vehicles based on hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources. Academic Director Reinhard Haas chaired the event and encouraged discussions and questions throughout the evening.

The talk started with Amela Ajanovic, who is a senior research scientist at Energy Economics Group at Vienna University of Technology and lecturer of our MSc Renewable Enenrgy Systems, talked about the economic and environmental aspects of these new technologies and put an emphasis on the challenge of cost reduction and infrastructure development. Prof. Michael Harasek from the Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Bioscience Engineering, a lecturer of our MSc program too, shed light on Power to hydrogen storage systems and discussed the efficiencies and capacities of these approaches.

Last but not least, the audience came to hear the practical benefits and downfalls of the technologies from a pioneer. Alumnus of the cohort 2011-2013, Mortimer Schulz, gave a pioneer’s first-hand report. In 2016 he asked himself the question:” Is it possible to drive in a Hydrogen car across Europe?” and went on an adventurous journey with a number of different cars. He succeeded and gave a lot of useful hints and tips to the curious crowd at the talk.

After their speeches, the experts were available for questions and discussion and attendees as well as experts enjoyed the snacks and drinks offered by the hosts.

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The Renewable Energy Talks are a part of our MSc Renewalbe Energy Systems.
Next program start: March 19, 2020.

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