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"No more plastic bags - does that make sense?" - Waste and resource management on the pulse of the time, Interview with MSc ETIA Faculty Member Dr. Johann Fellner

"Students need to learn to think critically and develop methods when it comes to resource and waste management," says Dr. Johann Fellner from TU Wien. He is the head of the Waste and Resource Management course in the two-year course Environmental Technology and International Affairs (ETIA), offered by TU Wien in cooperation with the Diplomatic Academy. The interdisciplinary master's program is designed around the topic of environmental protection and combines technical and ecological know-how with environmental and economic knowledge as well as special education in international relations. In teaching, examples should be taken up and critically discussed. Including the end for plastic bags. "If I describe plastic as bad, I have to look at the functions of plastic and consider the consequences from a climatic and energetic point of view. How can a modern society function without plastic? Each power cable is insulated with plastic. Foods that are packed with plastic are longer lasting, therefore there is less food waste. These examples need to be critically discussed in teaching .“ MSc ETIA students come from the field of technology, are lawyers or political scientists or Germanists, Bachelors of all internationally recognized studies are welcome. "In the MSc ETIA, they do not learn how to produce packaging, but rather get a know-how of technical and ecological issues and international relations. "Our graduates should develop a basic understanding of how technology and ecology work together. ETIA Graduates are an asset to any kind of environmental committee e.g. in the International Organizations UNO, UNIDO etc. or in committees of the European Parliament.“

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