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The future of politics and environment: scholarships for the MSc Environmental Technology and International Affairs

What if you attended a MSc Program with great possibilities in the job market? And if many graduates  already had started a great career thanks to this program? And if you had the chance to participate at a reduced...
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ETIA Talks in new design – Report on an excursion to „Saubermacher“

Bright and early last week Wednesday the 27th of November the student society „ETIA Talks“ went on a visit to one of the Viennese sites of the sustainable waste disposal company „Saubermacher“. One of the site’s managers gave the...
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MSc ETIA at the Open House Day at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna

You are welcome to get first hand information!
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“Firsthand experience of sustainable industries at work”

Report on the first field-trip of the ETIA12 class by Phil Nickovich
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Future decision makers and key stakeholders for climate issues required

On September 23,2019 UN Secretary-General António Guterres convened a one-day summit in NY City to catalyze increased ambition on climate change action. 

65 country and municipal leaders and the private sector announced...
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Prof. Günther Brauner: „The conversion of energy systems requires a socially acceptable adaption process“ – an interview with the MSc ETIA Faculty Member

Günther Brauner teaches at the Institute of Energy Systems at the TU Wien and is the author of the books "Energy Systems: Renewable and Decentralized - Strategies for the Energiewende" (2016) and “System efficiency with renewable...
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“Think critically and develop methods…” - Deadline for scholarships for the MSc „Environmental Technology and International Affairs”, granted by “Die Presse”
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ETIA Talks – Report on an excursion to the Ban Ki-Moon Centre
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TU Ball 2020: An evening of glamour and dance in the Hofburg
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