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Dr. Franz Fischler
Honorary President Ecosocial Forum Europe and Ecosocial Forum Austria
Former EU Commissioner

Both in my functions as Austrian Minister of Agriculture and as Member of the European Commission I put high priority on environmental protection and the sustainable use of natural resources. I commend the TU and the DA Vienna on their efforts to train experts committed to those goals and qualified to make a contribution to the overall goal of sustainable development.

Em.Univ.Prof. Dr. Adolf Stepan
TU Wien

Air, water and soil are inputs for our globalized production and at the same time they provide our living environment. To keep the balance in this bidirectional use of resources we have to provide simultaneously ongoing technical innovations and legal developments to implement and to enforce progress in environmental standards. ETIA is the first academic program that is uncompromisingly devoted to tackle these challenges.

Hon.Prof.Dr. Christoph Scharff
CEO ARA Altstoff Recycling Austria AG

Global challenges - like climate change and resource scarcity - can only be addressed by global efforts. Fostering an understanding of such issues among key stakeholders, like diplomats, is therefore of crucial importance. This Msc program, which draws on Austrian know-how, lays a solid foundation for achieving this goal.

Prof.Dr. Hans Puxbaum
Academic Director
TU Wien

Today environmental issues range from the local to the global scale. International action is required to maintain a sustainable life on our earth.

Prof.Dr. Gerhard Loibl LL.B.
Academic Director
Diplomatic Academy of Vienna

The international community has set itself the ambitious goal of achieving sustainable development. Decision-makers therefore have to have a profound understanding of the legal, economic and technical issues.

Prof. Charles Pearson
Diplomatic Academy of Vienna
SAIS Johns Hopkins (Emeritus)

The EITA Program admirably meets the need for integrated training in technical skills, economics, and international relations for careers in environmentally sustainable development. In my 40 years of experience teaching graduate environmental economics, I have found EITA students outstanding in enthusiasm and ability.

Michael G. Plummer
Eni Professor of International Economics
The Johns Hopkins University, SAIS-Bologna

Never before have environmental issues been more critical to the future of the international economic system.   The associated challenges are complex and ubiquitous; climate change, for example, threatens not only quality of life and agricultural production patterns but also progress on poverty reduction.  Tackling these problems effectively requires a multidisciplinary approach that embraces a global view.  I commend the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology for their forward-looking Master of Science Programme on Environmental Technology and International Affairs for their innovative programme that is helping to train the kind of experts and leaders we need.    

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