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Welcome Reception for MSc ETIA, 10th cohort, class 2016-2018

Get-together with ETIA09 students, Alumni and representatives

In the evening of October 10, 2016, the participants of ETIA10 got in touch with their fellow students of the ninth class (starting their second academic year at TU...
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ETIA Alumna successfully finished PhD studies at TU Wien

In August 2016 another PhD Defense successfully took place, this time at TU Wien.

We congratulate Dr. tech. Andrea Winterstetter, MSc, Alumna ETIA04, class 2010-2012 reporting  about her admission at TU Wien as follows:

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ETIA Alumni successfully finished PhD studies

In August 2016, two ETIA Alumni successfully finished their PhD studies: Andrea Winterstetter, Alumna ETIA04, Class 2010-2012 at TU Wien and Manfred Klinglmair, Alumnus of the very first ETIA01 pioneer cohort at TU Denmark.

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The Continuing Education Center on „Access MBA Tour“

Meet us in St. Petersburg

The Access MBA Tour provides an outstanding opportunity for candidates to research business schools and make informed education and career choices. These events give qualified and motivated...
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Career Spotlight: Jasmin Ploner

Get to know the graduates of the MSc Program „Environmental Technology and International Affairs“. Today in conversation with: Jasmin Ploner, BA, MSc, Trainee at the Austrian Federation of Industries (Industriellenvereinigung),...
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10 years MSc ETIA – Get-together at the DA Sommerfest

In the evening of July 1, 2016, numerous of ETIA Alumni and students met in the specially arranged tent for celebrating the 10th anniversary of the MSc Environmental Technology & International Affairs (ETIA).It was a pleasure to...
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Graduation ceremony of the 8th MSc ETIA programme of the DA and TU Wien – Presentation of the ARA Best Study Award

On the occasion of the graduation of the MSc postgraduate Program „Environmental Technology and International Affairs“ the „ARA Best Study Award“ was granted for the seventh time – the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and TU Wien...
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Summer Greetings
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Review of the ETIA Talk on E-Mobility
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ÖVGW study award 2016 to MSc ETIA Alumna Isabel Mank for her Master´s thesis in the field ‘water’
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